Dysthymia vs. Depression: The different and differences

Different types of depression

*Disclaimer: All forms of depression are chemical, but I do believe most people are susceptible to depression, even for those who don’t have symptoms until menopause.

Major Depression: Most commonly referred to as the ‘severe’ form of depression—hence the title ‘major depression’. It can last for around 2 years, sometimes brought on by circumstances and most often requires medication to intervene. It usually requires long term medication or intensive therapy to function and get past, what I believe to be, a shocking and sudden plunge into a frame of mind unimaginable and initially terrifying.

Chronic Depression: Often starts during puberty or by mid/late twenties. Chronic implies it is longer lasting than major depression, however the possibility for life off of medication may be low, but still exists. Some type of CBD or CBT is very helpful depending the individual.

Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD): As the name suggest, it is brought on by seasonal changes, mostly the switch to longer nights and shorter days in winter. While essentially a circumstantial depression, it can still last beyond the season. Light therapy is a popular solution in mild cases.

Dysthymia: Often called the mild chronic depression, the serious issue is its duration and onset. Most depressive symptoms begin at puberty, to late twenties.* Dysthymia can begin in early childhood, and in some cases it can be argued it’s a born condition.
It has the highest suicide rate of any other type of depression

This, ladies and gentle, is the main point or ‘theses’ of of my posts on depression.

*I’m speaking of the majority of chronic depressions.


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